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Whether your event is virtual, hybrid or in-person, your attendees are sure to feel connected through Eventpedia’s mobile event app and desktop virtual platform.

What makes the Eventpedia Event Solution different

Eventpedia Product Overview

Our mobile event application offers a centralized hub for all your events, fostering educational and networking opportunities for attendees. Tailor the features, colors, and icon sets to perfectly reflect your association’s brand and message.

Customized Event Solution For Your Organization

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Attendees can join live or prerecorded sessions, engage in live Q&A, surveys or polls and track for CEU credits

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Sponsors and exhibitors have constant visibility in both the desktop platform and the event app, and has exclusive control of their booths.

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Attendees can enter web meetings with other attendees and exhibitors for product demos, networking, and topic discussions.

Digitalize Your Needs With Our Event Solutions

Check out our mobile app technology that’s crafted with associations and member-based organizations in mind, PLUS the services our team offers to make sure you get the best quality results and your unique needs are met.

Mobile Event Apps

Create a unique experience with our interactive mobile apps. Supports multi-events, empowers you to create memorable attendee experiences, and generate revenue with in-app monetization opportunities.

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Digital Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to help you and your organization have the best mobile app experience possible. From uploading data, setting up specific features, custom integration, consulting and design and development.


Member Engagement Made Easy

Memberpedia makes membership easy with our all-in-one member engagement app. Keeping members informed, engaged, and empowered anytime, anywhere is the name of the game.


Memberpedia simplifies this process by being the central hub for communication, information, and resources.


Think simple. Think powerful. Think Memberpedia.



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Learn from the experts – our customers

The Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan has worked with Avodigy since 2017. We have found them extremely responsive, flexible, easy-to-work with and having outstanding customer service.

As the Administrator, Avodigy has met all of my needs. They have addressed any issue that may have arisen by solving the problem with attention to all of the details. The app that they developed for our group is easy to use and allows the viewers a quality, personalized tool to use during our programs.

I am grateful for my lasting relationship with Avodigy and strongly recommend them for any technology need.

Karen Schwartz Real Property Law Section, State Bar of Michigan

At AALS we are working hard to create an enriching and memorable attendee experience at our Annual Meetings.

Integrated with NetForum, Eventpedia’s mobile app has improved the way we plan and market our meeting. It has become an essential tool both for our attendees and for us as organizers.

It has been satisfying to learn from our members how easy it was to use, how it helped them navigate and make the most of the experience. Just what we were aiming for.

Erick Brown and Marisa Guevara-Michalski Association of American Law School

“The Avodigy team provides outstanding customer service. They goes the extra mile to ensure our association always provides a positive customer experience for both the staff and membership.

The team ensures we have great features through both Eventpedia and Memberpedia to allow our sponsors and speakers to shine while making navigating an event easy for our members by having all the information at their fingertips

Deborah Lakamp, CAE Illinois State Veterinary Medical Associatio

    American Society on Aging has used Avodigy's Eventpedia solution to support our annual conference for 3 successive years. We've found that our attendees appreciate the ease of use and have steadily seen an increase in the number of individuals using the app. We have a large program with between 300 and 350 different sessions of various kinds, so being able to export the session and speaker data direclty from Impexium to Eventpedia has been a distinct advantage.

    We also use the related Leadpedia app, which our exhibitors have been very enthusiastic about. Leadpedia is so reasonably priced that we've been able to bundle it into the basic exhibitor package, which has been a real added value for our exhibitors.

    As a technology partner, the Avodigy team have always been responsive and reliable. In particular, they successfully delivered a new session attendance tracking feature for us that also integrates with Impexium to support our continuing education requirements. I would strongly recommend looking at Avodigy in any context where their solutions could support your organizational objectives.

    Robert Lowe Chief Operating Officer, American Society on Aging

    Before we started using Eventpedia, I used the app for a different conference and really felt it enhanced my conference experience. Since then, we've utilized this for one of our big conferences and now we are using it for our entire organization's events! We love that the company is continuing to grow and provide other services compatible with the event apps such as virtual conferences! It's been a great.

    TJ with Avodigy has been absolutely wonderful to work with! We've been utilizing the Eventpedia app and the virtual platform for our conference that has over 400 attendees and it's made such a difference for all our participants. Their service and communication is fantastic and pricing very reasonable. I'm very thankful for the partnership that we've developed with TJ and Avodigy these past few years.

    Jessica Wood Operations Manager, Via Generosity

    We have been using the Eventpedia app to run our Golf Business Annual Conference for the past several years. It has proven to be flexible and easy to use from initial setup though loading speakers, sponsors, attendees, and session details. Attendees especially love the app and it's ease of use. TJ and the Evenpedia team have been wonderful to work with.

    Thomas L. Smith JR. Chief Operating Officer,
    National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA)


      How can Eventpedia help us attract more event attendees?

      Through interactive content and networking features, Eventpedia provides education content and connect event participants to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

      Is Eventpedia still useful after an event?

      Eventpedia is available before, during and after the event to provide opportunities to engage content and people throughout the whole life cycle of your events and conferences.

      Do you provide support in setting up Eventpedia?

      Absolutely. We work with clients constantly to ensure they best utilize Eventpedia features for success.

      How can the Eventpedia app help us attract more sponsors?

      Eventpedia provides exposure throughout the app and web platform. The comprehensive analytics about attendee behavior allows sponsors to gather leads for future engagement.

      If my event is coming up soon, is there enough time to set up on Eventpedia?

      Yes. If you go with non-branded solution, your event can be up and running within just a few days.

      I have multiple events. Can Eventpedia help?

      Absolutely. Eventpedia provides branded single and multiple event app, or non-branded multiple event solutions.

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