Event App Digital Services

We offer a wide range of event app digital services to help you and your organization have the best mobile app experience possible. Contact us for more details and assistance. 

Data/Feature Setup

Need help uploading data or setting up specific features in your mobile app?

Let our dedicated account managers help you! Provide us with the exact items you’d like assistance with, and we’ll provide a quote. 

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Event Setup

Configure your branding images, event time zone, social media integrations, etc.

Design Manager

Show, hide, and arrange modules. Manage icons and tiles, themes, and colors.

Data Importer

Import your event data in bulk using the provided Eventpedia Data Template.

Data Integrator

Integrate event data through one of the provided integration systems.

Locations & Room Setup

This information will be displayed in the Event Info module.

Type Setup

Define the types of sessions, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, filter setup, and expense elements.

Survey/Poll/Quiz Reports

View survey/poll/quiz results through organized graphs and charts.


Review analytics and understand the impact of the event through organized charts and graphs.

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Promotional Event Videos

Eventpedia can assist in the marketing and promotion of your events with one of our templated videos.

Custom Integration

Want to connect your mobile app to an AMS, LMS, or other third-party system that’s not listed on our integrations page? We’ll work with you to create a new bridge between the system and our products.

Custom Reports Developments

If you want to present data or load data to another party or software to better analyze event-related information within the app, we can develop custom reports/data export for you based on your needs.


Sending certificates to participants does not have to be a manual process! Upon completion of an evaluation, session, or event, a certificate designed by our team is generated as a PDF file in MCM and automatically sent to participants via email.

Web Development

Our tech team is fluent in contemporary technologies, such as SQL, MySQL, .NET, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, Swift, C, C++, Objective C, or HTML 5. We can weave complex problems into elegant, simple solutions.

NETForum Consulting

Over time, we’ve learned a lot by working with clients across various industries. We’re your go-to vendor for custom reports, integrations, data conversion, responsive web apps, mobile applications, and more!

Additional Services

We’ll continue to update our services page, so make sure to check back and see what we have to offer, or feel free to make suggestions to our team!

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