Capture Leads and Increase Exhibitor ROI with Leadpedia

Streamline Lead Capture Process

Whether an exhibitor is manning the demo booth or roaming the event facilities for opportunities, Leadpedia enables them to capture leads with simple steps so they can focus on generating new business.



Capture attendee’s info by scanning the bar code or QR code on the badge.



Choose lead qualifier, add notes, add a follow-up action or record an audio memo. 



Once data is ready to be retrieved, leads can be exported directly through the mobile device and/or Exhibitior Portal as a CSV file.

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What information do I need so exhibitors can scan the badge?

A valid bar code or QR code is required on the badge. Each code must contain a unique identifier.

Can exhibitors customize follow-up actions?

Yes, there are 6 follow-up actions by default including Call, Demo, Email, Onsite Visit, Put on Mailing List, and Send Info. Exhibitors can modify follow-up actions through Exhibitor Portal.

Can exhibitors customize product/services provided?

Yes, exhibitors can login to Exhibitor Portal to add product/services and the items will show up on their Leadpedia app.

How do my exhibitors access Exhibitor Portal?

You can invite your exhibitors to Exhibitor Portal through your event app content management system. You also have control to grant access to individual exhibitors or to all.

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