6 Ways To Optimize Sponsorships In Your Event App

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From brand exposure to lead generation, sponsorships in event apps can offer a range of benefits for businesses and organizations. In this blog post, we will discuss some sponsorship strategies and explore 6 ways to optimize the sponsorship space within an event app.   Increasing sponsorships for event apps involves a combination of strategic planning, effective communication, and delivering value to sponsors. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:  

Clearly Define Value Proposition: Clearly articulate the benefits sponsors will gain from partnering with your event app. This may include increased brand exposure, access to a targeted audience, and opportunities for direct engagement.  

Audience Targeting: Understand your app’s user demographics and ensure they align with the target audience of potential sponsors. Sponsors are more likely to invest if they see a direct connection between your audience and their marketing goals.  

Customized Sponsorship Packages: Offer a range of sponsorship packages to accommodate different budget levels. Include options for logo placement, sponsored sessions, push notifications, and other forms of promotion. Customization allows sponsors to choose what aligns best with their marketing strategy.  

Social Media Integration: Leverage social media platforms to promote sponsorships. Encourage sponsors to share their involvement on social media, and create hashtags or trends related to the event. This can significantly increase brand visibility.  

Post-Event Analytics and Reports: Provide sponsors with detailed post-event analytics and reports showcasing the performance of their sponsorship. Include metrics such as reach, engagement, and other relevant KPIs to demonstrate the value they received.     Strategically placing sponsors in your event app can be an effective marketing tool that helps build lasting relationships between attendees and sponsors.

Here are six ways to elevate sponsorships within your event app:  

  1. Increase Impressions at Home

When placing sponsorship banners, it is important to consider which pages generate the most traffic. Luckily, the answer is quite simple for an event app– the home page. Since every user starts and returns to the home page while navigating through the app, the home page is considered a prime location to highlight sponsors. Show some love to your marquee sponsors and feature them on the home screen that is sure to be seen.   Another location that makes a wonderful space to generate impressions is the splash page. Containing little to no other information that competes with the user’s attention, featuring sponsors on the splash page is an excellent strategy.    

  • Private Message with Sponsors

Create opportunities for your sponsors to communicate with users. With Eventpedia’s direct message feature, attendees can effortlessly connect with each other and spark a conversation. Offer sponsors to take advantage of this feature and create their own profile for a fee and encourage them to include their logo in the profile for easy identification.    

  • Leverage Data Analytics

Offer sponsors access to data of their interest and enhance their investment. For example, the Eventpedia app allows attendees to add sessions to their favorites according to their interests. With the ability to export lists of preferred sessions, you can grant sponsors access to valuable data. Sponsors may then utilize it to send promotional materials to a targeted audience. However, always ensure that your privacy policy is designed to accommodate your data analytic capabilities.  

  • Sponsored Surveys

Want to encourage attendees to share opinions and engage with your sponsor brands? Try sponsored polls and surveys! Crafting precise questions can go a long way to gathering relevant information from attendee profiles. To increase survey participation, provide incentives for attendees to complete them. With this practice, remember to clearly label “Sponsored Survey” so as not to confuse attendees.

  • Email Sponsorships

Be creative and don’t be afraid to extend your sponsorship commitment beyond the event app! An effective way to increase impressions is to include sponsors in email communications. For instance, when inviting attendees to download the event app and create their own profiles, add a message from your sponsors or simply include their logos. This way, sponsors are included in the event from the very beginning, strengthening their brand awareness among attendees.  

  • Put them on the Map

If your event takes place at a large venue, it could be a good idea to place sponsor banners on the map of the event app since many attendees will frequent this page. It is also a good strategy to place the sponsor’s logo near the title of the map, in an attention-grabbing location that doesn’t hinder the map’s functionality. Furthermore, you can offer to highlight and label the sponsor’s booth on the map to make it easier to find. Don’t forget to check the frequency of attendee map usage when reviewing your event app analytics, as this is also the number of times your sponsor’s logo was viewed.  

At your next event, make sure to put these tips into practice in the Eventpedia app and impress your sponsors! They will surely be delighted to see those increased impressions and brand exposure.

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