How to Maximize Event App Usage By Your Attendees

The success of an event depends on various factors, including attendee engagement and participation. With the rise of digital technology, event organizers have been leveraging event apps to create an immersive experience for attendees. Event apps provide a platform to connect attendees, share information, and keep them engaged throughout the event. However, merely having an event app does not guarantee success. The app’s usage is crucial to ensure that attendees are engaged and participating actively in the event. In this article, we will discuss some strategies that event organizers can use to increase the usage of their event app by attendees.

Promote the app before the event

The first step in ensuring the success of your event app is to promote it before the event. Attendees should be aware of the app’s existence and the benefits it offers. This can be achieved by sending out promotional emails, including the app’s download link on the event website, and using social media platforms to create buzz about the app. You can also include a tutorial video or infographic that explains how to use the app’s features.

Make the app user-friendly

The app’s user-friendliness is essential in ensuring that attendees use it frequently. The app’s interface should be intuitive, and the navigation should be easy to understand. It should be optimized for mobile devices to make it easy for attendees to access the app’s features from their smartphones. Ensure that the app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, as this will make it accessible to a broader audience.

Include engaging features

An event app should include features that keep attendees engaged and interested throughout the event. Features like a live polling system, interactive maps, and gamification elements can be used to keep attendees engaged and encourage participation. The app can also include a social feed where attendees can share their experiences and connect with other attendees.

Provide incentives

Providing incentives is an effective way to encourage attendees to use the event app. This can be done by offering rewards for using the app, such as discounts on event merchandise, exclusive access to certain areas, or entries into a prize draw. Attendees can also earn points for using the app, which can be redeemed for rewards.

Encourage networking

One of the main benefits of an event app is its ability to facilitate networking among attendees. Event organizers can encourage networking by including features like a messaging system or a contact exchange system. Attendees can use the app to connect with other attendees and arrange meetings during the event.

Use push notifications

Push notifications are an effective way to remind attendees about the app’s features and encourage them to use it. You can use push notifications to provide information about upcoming sessions, remind attendees about scheduled meetings, or offer exclusive app-only deals. However, it is important to use push notifications sparingly, as too many notifications can be annoying and cause attendees to turn off notifications altogether.

Include real-time updates

Real-time updates are critical in ensuring that attendees stay engaged and up-to-date throughout the event. The app should provide real-time information about the event schedule, speaker information, and any changes or updates to the schedule. This will help attendees plan their day and ensure that they do not miss any important sessions.

Get feedback

Collecting feedback from attendees is crucial in understanding how they are using the app and what can be improved. You can use surveys or polls to gather feedback from attendees about their experience with the app. This will help you identify any areas that need improvement and make changes accordingly.

In conclusion, event apps are a powerful tool that event organizers can use to increase attendee engagement and participation. By promoting the app before the event, making it user-friendly, including engaging features, providing incentives, encouraging networking, using push notifications, including real-time updates, and getting feedback, organizers can ensure that attendees will enjoy and use your event app to the fullest.