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Member appreciation is the cornerstone of building stronger and more resilient communities. Making the effort to celebrate those who committed to your organization goes a long way, as members are the core of any organization. Here, we will share 10 practical strategies on how to express thanks to your members.  

Why Member Appreciation Matters

Loyalty and Retention  

Never underestimate the power of gratitude. Those who feel valued in an organization are more likely to renew their memberships and remain loyal. Focusing on existing members may be a good strategy for those who don’t come across leads easily.  

Advocacy and Referrals  

Let your members speak for themselves! Happy members are more likely to refer new members to your organization, plus, organic advocates like this are great at attracting potential new members.  

Increased Engagement  

Member appreciation events not only leave a good impression on the organization, but they also provide a great opportunity to bring the members together. Encourage your members to network among themselves to foster a sense of community.  

Great Ways to Appreciate Your Members

Personalized Communication

Genuine communication is key for any audience to feel appreciated. Make your member feel valued with simple yet warm gestures such as:   

  • Addressing members by their names
  • Sending personalized messages on birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays
  • Offering personalized merch with their names on it

Exclusive Partnership Benefits:

Let your members know you care about their well-being! Partner with businesses to offer exclusive perks, discounts, or access to members. Here are some partnership ideas:

  • Gym memberships
  • Food Delivery Services
  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Travel

Recognition and Awards

Say thank you to those who go the extra mile for your organization! You can recognize outstanding members through awards or honors by:  

  • Highlighting member achievements in newsletters, social media, or during events
  • Celebrating milestones like long-term membership anniversaries
  • Hosting award ceremonies and treating them to a nice dinner

Surveys and Feedback

Not only you get a chance to collect valuable data on how to improve, but you are also showing members that you value them and their opinions when you:  

  • Send post-event surveys
  • Utilize polls on event apps or social media
  • Host open discussion sessions for members

Events and Gatherings

Many people appreciate the opportunity to dress up a little and attend a nice event. A memorable night out would surely increase members’ impression of your organization. Utilize this opportunity to:  

  • Deliver a heartfelt thank-you speech
  • Give out unique, branded favors
  • Create social media posts about the event

Educational/Career Resources

Providing educational or career resources tells your members that you are invested in their presence and encourages lifelong learning and growth. These resources may include:  

  • Access to webinars
  • Discounts for online educational courses
  • Access to exclusive job boards
  • Workshops for certain skills or professional certificates

Community Functions

Depending on the location of your members, you may be able to host regular, casual hangouts for members. For example:

  • Picnic or cookouts
  • Volunteer together at local charities
  • Bowling/golfing
  • Open a tab at a local coffee shop

Social Media Recognition

Show off your members on social media and highlight them on a personal level! You can do this with:

  • Member of the Month spotlights
  • Wedding, engagement, baby announcements
  • Member takeovers
  • Membership/career milestones celebration

Giveaway Prizes

Add an element of fun and excitement into the daily lives of your members while gifting them something special. You can encourage them into entering a giveaway through:

  • Social media engagement
  • Trivia games
  • Renewing/maintaining their membership

Spontaneous gifts

Sometimes, you don’t need an occasion to celebrate your members. Send them a small token of appreciation to their inbox, just because! 😉   Here are some small gift ideas:

  • Coffee shop gift cards
  • Music streaming subscriptions
  • A free audiobook
  • Restaurant Coupons

Remember, the main goal is to say thank you to the members. Members will certainly enjoy a thoughtfully curated event, yet a nice, personal message is still appreciated. Being genuinely grateful is the ultimate key. Don’t wait- act now!

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