How To Help Conference Knowledge Stick With Attendees

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Conferences are a whirlwind of information, networking, and inspiration. Finding the right presenters for your conference is imperative, as the goal is to have attendees leave with a wealth of knowledge. However, the real challenge lies in retaining and applying those insights once they return to their daily routines. To ensure that the valuable takeaways from a conference stay fresh and impactful, consider these four effective strategies:  

Digitalize Note-taking

Embrace technology to enhance the note-taking process. Encourage attendees to use digital note-taking apps, which offer features like searchable content, easy organization, and accessibility across devices. This way, attendees can capture key points, insights, and action items without the risk of losing physical notes. Alternatively, an event app with notetaking and networking features can help streamline attendees’ event experience, with all their event information and needs in one app. (Learn how to choose an event app)  

Incorporate Interactive Workshops and Discussions  

Facilitate interactive workshops and discussions during the conference to promote active engagement. Research consistently shows that active participation enhances knowledge retention. Breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, live polling and surveys, or incorporating gamification not only make learning more enjoyable but also encourage attendees to reflect on and engage with the presented content. This active involvement significantly increases the likelihood of retaining information.  

Organize Post-Conference Resource Hubs  

Create a centralized resource hub or website where attendees can access presentation materials, session recordings, and additional resources post-conference. This serves as a valuable reference point, allowing participants to revisit key topics, delve deeper into specific subjects, and catch up on sessions they might have missed. With event apps like Eventpedia, which provide easy access to document sharing and speaker profiles, it make the job of reinforcing attendees’ learning even easier.  

Implementable Action Plans and follow-up  

Encourage attendees to develop action plans during the conference itself. These action plans serve as tangible roadmaps, transforming conference takeaways into real-world results. In addition, follow up with attendees to remind them about what they learned. Whether it’s a simple email or a short recap video, it can go a long way to help jog their memory.      

Maximizing the impact of conference takeaways requires a proactive approach from both organizers and attendees. By leveraging technology, promoting active engagement, providing post-conference resources, and encouraging actionable planning, associations, and organizations can ensure that the knowledge gained at conferences becomes a lasting asset rather than a fleeting memory.

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